The Cheviot Westwood Community Association (The CWCA)

What's coming up for The CWCA?

  • November

    Nativity Scene Dedication

    Nativity Scene Dedication

    This year’s dedication will take place on November 29th at  6: 30 pm at the Nativity scene just in front of Auto Zone on Harrison Ave. This years Nativity scene should be better then ever as the figures will be fresh from a $5000 restoration project funded by The CWCA. Each year The CWCA picks someone special to flip the switch to light the Nativity Scene and this year’s honor goes to The Stautberg Family! Greg Stautberg and his family have been involved in Cheviot for a very long time. Their most recent contribution to Cheviot was the new Kids’s Area in Harvest Home Park. Without monies collected from Stautberg Family, Cheviot Savings and The CWCA the new Kid’s area would not be possible. 

  • December 5th

    Mugs for Meals

    Mugs for Meals

    Mugs for Meals will once again take place on December 5th from Noon till 4pm. Volunteers are needed please contact chairperson: Kevin Burnett

  • December 16th


  • December 23

    Food Basket Distribution

    We have 20 food baskets to be picked up from Hatting’s Supermarket to be distributed to families in the Cheviot area. Volunteers are needed. Would like to find 4 volunteers to take food to 5 families on December 23rd. If interested please contact or contact Kevin Leidecker 

  • January 20th 6:30 PM

    CWCA: General Meeting

  • April 28th 2016

    Young Citizens Banquet

Find our Next Meeting


Next Meeting

(Last Meeting of 2015) Our next meeting will be November 18th at 6:30 pm at the Cheviot City Hall (2nd floor council chambers) located at 3814 Harrison Avenue Cheviot, Ohio 45211. We look forward to seeing you there! There will be NO DECEMBER meeting for 2015. The November meeting will be our last meeting of 2015


CWCA's Annual Memberships

Business Member: ($40.00) Membership representing a business or business interest in the Cheviot Westwood area.

Associate Business Member: ($15.00) A membership representing a second or third member of a business member.

Community Member: ($15.00) Membership representing a person living or having interest in the Cheviot Westwood area.

Non-Profit Organization Membership: ($15.00) Membership representing a non-profit organization with an interest in the Cheviot Westwood area.



Did you know?

We currently have 74 members and represent 46 businesses in the Cheviot Westwood Area.


The CWCA meets at 6:30pm on the third Wednesday of the month


The CWCA is always looking for ways to give back to our community. If you have something you would like us to consider please fill out the attached PDF and mail it to our post office box or email it to